Sandblasting Guns and Inserts

Sandblasting Guns and Inserts

              Parts are available for all the Sand Blast Guns. If you don't find them call us. We are loading every day.      

     Questions?  call  616-741-9237       We take phone orders. ********        •email -   

                                 We are a distributor for Kennametal and Malyn Industrial Ceramics blast nozzles and inserts. 

                                      This is appoximate service life in hours, from several manufactures.    

Nozzle Material         Steel Shot & Steel Grit Media    Slag Media      Aluminum Oxide Media

ALUMINUM OXIDE                  20-40                                           10-30                               1-4
TUNGSTEN CARBIDE             500-800                                     300-400                           20-40  
BP200 SIAION                         500-800                                     300-400                            50-100

SILICONCARBIDE                   600-1000                                    400-600                          50-100
BORON CARBIDE                  1500-2500                                  750-1500                        200-1000
ROCTEC                                 2500-5000                                1500-3000                      1000-2000 

AirCClick link below for Air Flow CFM chart which is in product info at the top of the page.

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