Sandblasting Cabinet Parts December 13 2016

We handle a lot of sandblasting cabinet parts. We carry windows for several popular sandblasting cabinets plus windows protectors for many sizes. We have 80 sizes of sandblasting gloves and sell them by length and cuff diameter. We have many regulators, air line filters and solenoids plus foot pedals. Reclaim hose in heavy, medium and light duty. Reclaimers and hoppers in three sizes. We carry a big selection of dust bags and filter cartridges for many brands of sandblasting cabinets. We have several styles of popular sandblast guns including a trigger gun for the smaller cabinets and compressors. We have a few door switches and light switches. We have many other items such as media hose, air hose, door seals and handles. We have parts for the pressure pot style sandblast cabinets also. Valves and pop up seals, hose and fittings plus a large variety in nozzles. If you can't find it online you should call us at 616-741-9237.

 Or Email us at biga@sandblaster-parts.com


Sandblasting Cabinet Parts September 05 2016

Sandblasting cabinet parts for many brands and varieties big and small. We have over 35 sizes of sandblasting gloves and several of the popular windows plus window protectors for almost any size. We have a large selection of sand blast guns including trigger guns for the smaller Sandblast Cabinets. Abrasive metering valves make a big difference on gun performance so we provide several styles to pick from. We carry hose and valves, including foot pedals and regulators plus many other items that need to be replaced over time are all online.