Nova 2000 Sandblasting Helmet & Parts by RPB

Nova 2000 Sandblasting Helmets let you jump into action knowing that you’re using your head when it comes to choosing the best safety equipment. We offer the Nova 2000 Blast Helmet complete with easy airflow respirator and attachable leather cape at an attractive price. It’s made in America and designed to keep you breathing easy and working productively.

Every component of the Nova 2000 sandblasting hood has been meticulously engineered to ensure that dust and abrasives stay out. Meanwhile, you’ll stay comfortable. Work with confidence, knowing that your Nova 2000 Blast Helmet is designed to be unbreakable while giving you a wide, clear view of your work area.  This is the real deal, fully compliant with NIOSH standards—Approval no. TC-19C-363. Order now!

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