Sandblasting Guns October 07 2019

We now carry 11 types of hand held sandblasting guns. We also carry 3 styles of automatic guns for production blasting.   The one you need is  available here.

  A sandblasting gun is the same as sandblaster gun or bead blaster gun, which is used in a sandblasting cabinet. The Sandblasting gun works by passing a high pressure stream of air through a air jet past a hole (which is the media inlet) causing a large amount of vacuum which pulls the media up into the sandblasting gun and sends it out the blast nozzle. The media can consist of many different abrasives ,ususally called media, such as glass bead, sand, aluminum oxide, black beauty, steel grit, steel shot, walnut shell and many other types of materials. The abrasive blast guns are usually sized by the amount of CFM your air compressor produces at higher pressures. Air jet sizes and nozzles sizes are selected per set up. The nozzle should be twice the size of the air jet so it will maintain a high rate of vacuum to suck up the media. These sandblaster guns are somtimes used outside a sandblast cabinet for small jobs such as car touch up or small repairs on different items. Many styles of sand blaster guns are available. The more productive guns use foot pedals to turn on and off. Trigger guns are popular because of the price but they are usually lower performence and holding a trigger on for a length of time can be very tiredsome. We have many styes of sand blaster guns here. Some work better with certain medias than others. We have industrial styles for automated sandblasting machines with many different combinations of air jets and nozzles.

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Nozzles and sandblast gun parts available separately. 

Check chart below for CFM for Sandblasting guns.