Sandblasting Guns October 07 2019

We now carry 11 types of hand held sandblasting guns. We also carry 3 styles of automatic guns for production blasting.   The one you need is  available here.

  A sandblasting gun is the same as sandblaster gun or bead blaster gun, which is used in a sandblasting cabinet. The Sandblasting gun works by passing a high pressure stream of air through a air jet past a hole (which is the media inlet) causing a large amount of vacuum which pulls the media up into the sandblasting gun and sends it out the blast nozzle. The media can consist of many different abrasives ,ususally called media, such as glass bead, sand, aluminum oxide, black beauty, steel grit, steel shot, walnut shell and many other types of materials. The abrasive blast guns are usually sized by the amount of CFM your air compressor produces at higher pressures. Air jet sizes and nozzles sizes are selected per set up. The nozzle should be twice the size of the air jet so it will maintain a high rate of vacuum to suck up the media. These sandblaster guns are somtimes used outside a sandblast cabinet for small jobs such as car touch up or small repairs on different items. Many styles of sand blaster guns are available. The more productive guns use foot pedals to turn on and off. Trigger guns are popular because of the price but they are usually lower performence and holding a trigger on for a length of time can be very tiredsome. We have many styes of sand blaster guns here. Some work better with certain medias than others. We have industrial styles for automated sandblasting machines with many different combinations of air jets and nozzles.

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Nozzles and sandblast gun parts available separately. 

Check chart below for CFM for Sandblasting guns.

Several Styles of Sandblasting Equipment and Parts February 15 2019

Big A's Place Sandblaster Parts handles a wide variety of Sandblasting Equipment and Parts.

  We carry

   Pirate Brand Parts and  Sandblasting Equipment

   Lindsay Style Parts

   Clemco Style Parts

   Zero Style Parts

   Empire Style Parts

   Key Houston Style Parts

   RPB Helmets and Parts 

   Bullard Helmets and Parts

   Abec Style Parts

  Universal Style Parts

  P & G Style Parts

  and many other styles of parts and equipment.


New video about our sandblaster gloves December 06 2017

Big A's Place Sandblaster Parts handles parts and pieces of sandblaster pots and sandblasting equipment. We carry almost everything. Sandblasting equipment from sandblaster pots to sandblasting cabinets. More coming online in the near future.

New Video about Sandblasting Pots October 04 2017

Check out our latest VIDEO on the sandblasing pots that we carry.

New Video on Sandblaster Parts July 19 2017

Check out our new Video on YouTube.


Sandblasters and Sandblasting Equipment. December 31 2016

We carry Pirate Brand Sandblasters at Big A's Place Sandblaster Parts. The most popular are the 3.5 cu ft , but we handle .5 cu ft up to 6.5 cu ft  same as 50 lb to 650 lb.We occasionally sell a 10 or 20 cu ft but not that many. We have pressure hold systems and pressure release systems. We have many packages to pick from, starting at the bare pot to a full system with sandblast helmet and all the accessories.

Low maintenance and ease of use has made the 3.5 cu ft my favorite sandblaster ever. I never used another brand again. 

Sandblasting Helmets and Sandblasting Suits December 24 2016

Have you ever imagined what you look like when you are sandblasting?

Is your sandblast helmet safe? Does it do the job? Are you Comfortable? Is it a pleasure to put it on? Do you think you have a choice?

You should look at the Nova 3 Sandblast Helmet.    Its one of the safest sandblasting helmets out there. Its light and has high visibility with all the latest and greatest technology built in. Hot tubes and cool tubes are available separately or even with a new package.They will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There are many different packages to pick from to meet exactly what you need. Every part is replaceable for those who blast 12 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week. Long sleeve capes are available, and even leather capes when grit bounce back is bad because of the item you are blasting, or the kind of grit you are using.

What about your sandblast suit? Is it a good sandblasting suit that keeps you clean and warm? Does it look nice? Or is it worn out with leaks all over.

Maybe you should take a look at the new  RPB Sandblasting Suit . It has built in knee pad pockets to help save your knees. The knee pads are replaceable. Plus this is the sharpest suit out there. It is very visible in traffic areas and very comfortable to wear. Its available in small to XXXXL .

 Questions? Big A's Place Sandblaster Parts. Call 616-741-9237

RPB Nova 3 & Nova 2000 & Astro Sandblast Helmet Lenses & Parts. December 21 2016

Our lenses are from RPB the original manufacture. They have an exact fit & every pack is as clear as glass. Tinted lenses are available for sandblasting in bright sun lite areas. We have some lenses for a few other brands also.

We carry all the replacement parts for Nova 3 & Nova 2000 & Astro Sandblast Helmet. We also have new breathing tubes and flow controls and hot tubes and cool tubes. The Capes are replaceable with long sleeves and safety orange and leather capes are available.

 Sandblast Helmet Lenses

Nova 3 Parts       Nova 3 Visor

Nova 2000 Parts

Astro Parts

Sandblast Parts December 19 2016

We carry many brands & styles of sandblaster parts including sandblasters, abrasive metering valves, sandblast nozzles, sandblast guns, sandblasting gloves, grit valves, sandblasting helmets and suits, air valves, exhaust valves, sandblast hose, pop ups, seals, hose fittings, pots, sandblasting cabinet parts , cabinet windows and window protectors, dust bags & filters, and much more for many brands and sizes of sandblasting equipment and sandblasting cabinets. We also have a complete line of Pirate Brand portable sandblasters for any need. We sell brand name products and after market parts plus sandblasting equipment. We have a complete line of RPB safety products including the Nova 3 Helmet and accesories, and we are a distributor for sandblasting nozzles manufacture Kennametal.  If you don't find it online you may want to call or email us. Please call us at 616-741-9237  or email biga@sandblaster-parts.com.

Abrasive Metering Valve Extreme for Sandblasting Equipment. December 16 2016

We carry abrasive metering valves for sandblasters, and sandblasting cabinet suction style sandblasting guns. we have several varieties and styles for many kinds of sandblasting equipment. 

We have grit flow metering valves for grit flow adjustment for sandblast cabinet guns and sandblast pots. And grit flow metering valves for grit flow with turning on and off which is used for the pressure hold style sandblaster pots.

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Sandblasting Cabinet Parts December 13 2016

We handle a lot of sandblasting cabinet parts. We carry windows for several popular sandblasting cabinets plus windows protectors for many sizes. We have 80 sizes of sandblasting gloves and sell them by length and cuff diameter. We have many regulators, air line filters and solenoids plus foot pedals. Reclaim hose in heavy, medium and light duty. Reclaimers and hoppers in three sizes. We carry a big selection of dust bags and filter cartridges for many brands of sandblasting cabinets. We have several styles of popular sandblast guns including a trigger gun for the smaller cabinets and compressors. We have a few door switches and light switches. We have many other items such as media hose, air hose, door seals and handles. We have parts for the pressure pot style sandblast cabinets also. Valves and pop up seals, hose and fittings plus a large variety in nozzles. If you can't find it online you should call us at 616-741-9237.

 Or Email us at biga@sandblaster-parts.com


Lindsay Style Sandblaster Parts December 09 2016

We carry a big line of PK Lindsay Style sandblaster parts. 

The shut off plus all the replacement parts and all nozzle sizes in ceramic and some available in carbide.

We carry all the mixing valves and replacement parts, plus the fittings.

We have Sandblast hose in 3 sizes, 1/2", 3/4", & 1" with ends already on in several lengths. Size by inside diameter.

Call us 616-741-9237  or email  biga@sandblaster -parts.com