Automatic Sandblasting Gun 1 (New Style) ( Zero and Clemco Style Sandblasting Gun))

You probably don’t need to be told about the importance of a reliable sandblasting gun as an essential part of a well-functioning sandblasting system, but you may be unsure about where you can find the sandblasting equipment you need. At Big A’s Place, we take the mystery out of the shopping experience. Our catalog includes a wide variety of parts and accessories for sandblast guns, including air jets, nozzles, metering valves, and gun bodies.


Items list needed to make up 1 gun. 

1655-920 or 1655-930 or 1655-940 or 1655-950  gun body.

1349-470 or 1349-480 or 1349-500 or 1349-510  air jet.

1348-1380 or 1348-450 or 1348-1400 or 1348-1040 or 1348-1000 carbide nozzle. Remember nozzle I.D. must be 2 times or bigger the size of the air jet.

1348-620 or 1348-630 or 1348-640 or 1348-650 or 1348-1090 Boron nozzle remember nozzle I.D. must be 2 times or bigger the size of the air jet.

1348-1820 carbide wide spray nozzle.

1348-590 or 1348-600 or 1348-6710 or 1348-615 boron wide spray nozzle.

1347-510 or 1347-1240 nozzle holding nut depending on regular or wide spray.

1423-70  O-ring.    &    1347-2660  air jet locking nut.

1424-480 retaining ring if using a wide spray nozzle.

1219-340 media inlet fitting.

1219-340 or 1219-350 air hose fitting depending on 3/8 or 1/2 inch hose. 

1661-60  nozzle guard for wide spray if needed.