Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet & Parts

Our Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet is Ahead of Its Class!

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Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmets from RPB. Have you ever put one of these on? You should never cut corners when it comes to safety. So make sure you’ve got the latest innovation in sandblasting protective technology. The Sandblasting Helmet Nova 3 exceeds even the highest standards for industrial safety.  Yet it’s available at a price that will meet your high standards for saving!

Manufactured in America, the Nova 3 is loaded with smart features—from adjustable ergonomics to foolproof positioning of the respirator tube.  Check out the superb lens design of the Nova helmet. It not only delivers superior visibility, but it’s also easy to clean and replace. At Big A’s Place, we stock all replacement parts, making it a cinch to extend the life of the already durable Nova 3.

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