Sand Blaster 6.5 cu.ft. Big Gun Pressure Hold Electric (650 pound)

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Portable sand blaster 6.5 cu.ft., 650 lbs., pressure pot for heavy work load, 650 PSI (10.3 bar). Pressure Hold System, Electric 12VDC. Includes: APV II w/TC sleeve/auto air valve, 1-1/2" piping, big gun full flow system w/moisture separator, 55' control cord w/ control handle and 25' power cord.

Not for use with steel abrasives!

Features & benefits of SPH electric controls 12VDC APVII big gun full flow:

A.  6.5 cu.ft. capacity(185 liters)
     1. 150 PSI vessel(10.3 BAR)
     2. A.S.M.E. Section VIII Division 1
     3. C.R.N. for all provinces
B. Pressure hold system
     1. Reduces abrasive consumption
     2. Reduces moisture problelms
     3. Smoother starts and stops
C. Electric controls 12VDC
     1. When running over 100' of blast hose this adds additional speed to stopping and starting the blasting operation

     2. Helps with freezing problems in cold weather
D. Big gun full flow system provides:
     1. A zero pressure drop path for air and abrasive to travel to the blast nozzle.  For every 1 PSI gained or lost in  abrasive blasting = 1.5% production
     2. A must for #7 and #8 nozzles
     3. Premium APVII abrasive metering valve standard
     4. Full port coupling  blast hose connection provides an unrestricted path for air and abrasive to travel to the nozzle
E. Heavy duty moisture separator
F. 1-1/2" galvanized piping for corrosion resistance
G. Heavy duty full port ball valves
H. Extended life Schedule 80 heavy duty nipple
     1. Withstands abrasive wear for longer life
I. Bolt clamps on pusher line make field repairs easier
J. Normally closed valves

    1. Automatic plunger valve II (APVII) premium abrasive metering valve with quadruple plunger seal arrangement solves the air and abrasive carry over problem as well as the plunger and seal jamming problem normally associated with regulated low pressure blasting applications and/or the use of steel abrasive.  Solid machined tungsten carbide plunger and sleeve provides far superior wear rates and 100% consistent tolerances.  1" NPT cleanout port gives access to obstructions that may be bridging over the metering port.  It also allows you to drain the vessel without removing the valve.
     2. Full flow auto air valve for fast starts ande stops
     3. Heavy duty filtered control valve reduces stopping time when control handle is released
K. Blow down muffler reduces unnecessary loud noise
L. Made in USA

***Ships in 3 to 6 Working Days***   

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