Sandblasters 1.5 cu ft & 3.5 cu ft & 6.5 cu ft.

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   Pirate Brand Portable Sandblasters are known far and wide for their reliability, and we’re proud to offer this high-quality product and all Sandblasting Equipment to our customers. With their expertly crafted pressure release systems, moisture separators, and Pirate Brand control valves, these portable sandblast pots will get the job done right. This equipment is designed to run everyday all day long non stop continues service. In addition to the systems available below, you may also wish to check out our small sandblasters, portable blasting pots, and related equipment. Items ship in 3 to 6 working days. Phone orders are accepted. If you have questions, please call us at 616-741-9237 or email biga@sandblaster-parts.com.

Call or email for a freight quote.  Pirate Brand has great freight prices.

We can supply abrasive blasters in much bigger sizes by inquiry. Several packages available.

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