Sandblast Parts December 19 2016

We carry many brands & styles of sandblaster parts including sandblasters, abrasive metering valves, sandblast nozzles, sandblast guns, sandblasting gloves, grit valves, sandblasting helmets and suits, air valves, exhaust valves, sandblast hose, pop ups, seals, hose fittings, pots, sandblasting cabinet parts , cabinet windows and window protectors, dust bags & filters, and much more for many brands and sizes of sandblasting equipment and sandblasting cabinets. We also have a complete line of Pirate Brand portable sandblasters for any need. We sell brand name products and after market parts plus sandblasting equipment. We have a complete line of RPB safety products including the Nova 3 Helmet and accesories, and we are a distributor for sandblasting nozzles manufacture Kennametal.  If you don't find it online you may want to call or email us. Please call us at 616-741-9237  or email