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Big A's Place Sandblaster Parts. January 31 2017

We sell Sandblaster Parts including Sandblasters, Sandblasting Gloves, Sandblast Nozzles, Grit Valves, Air Valves, Exhaust Valves, Sandblast Helmets, Hose, Pop Ups, Seals, Hose Fittings, Pots, Sandblasting Guns, Dust Bags & Filters, Suits and much more for many brands, styles and sizes of sandblasters and sandblasting cabinets. We also have a complete line of portable sandblasters for any need. We sell brand name products and after market parts plus sandblasting equipment. We have a complete line of RPB safety products and we are a distributor for several nozzle manufactures. If you don't find it online you may want to call or email us. Please call us at 616-741-9237  or email biga@sandblaster-parts.com.


Sandblasting Parts May 24 2015

Big A's Place LLC is the one website that supplies most of your sandblasting parts. This is the Sandblasting Parts site, www.sandblaster-parts.com. where shoppers will be able to source dozens of sandblaster parts and accessories, which include sandblaster air valves, sandblaster grit valves, sandblast guns and inserts, sandblasting nozzles, sandblast hose couplers, air hose couplers, and nozzle holders, sandblaster exhaust valves  as well as safety gear that has been designed specifically for sandblasting, such as sandblasting helmets, sandblasting suits and capes. We also stock the very latest in sandblast parts, which include the Industrial style sandblasting guns extended wear. Big A's Place LLC is one of the biggest suppliers of aftermarket equipment and sandblast parts for sandblasting cabinets as well as sandblast parts for sandblasting equipment. We carry dozens of parts from well known manufacturers, which includes the likes of Super Titan and Malyn Industrial Ceramics, Kennametal, Everblast, RPB, Pirate Brand, Goodyear and more.

We carry moisture separators, moisture traps which help remove water from the air line before entering the sand blast system.

We have a big line of sandblaster dust bags and sandblaster filter cartridges for sand blast cabinets. We have reclaimers for  sandblasting cabinets also. We are famous for our high quality bead blast cabinet gloves which are made by length and cuff diameter so almost every sandblast cabinet can be fitted. We carry over 90 sizes at this time. We also have just rights of just lefts available also. We carry sevral designs of sandblater guns in many sizes. We have many sandblasting nozzles to pick from made of aluminum oxide ceramic, tungsten carbide, boron and roctec plus many angle nozzles available. I.D. pipe blasters are getting popular and we have several possibilities for this kind of sandblasting also.


email Arlyn Westrate at biga@sandblaster-parts.com. However, Sandblasters Parts has the widest range of sandblast parts and although we already have an extensive inventory, we are adding new sandblast parts to our inventory on a daily basis.

         tel 616-741-9237   fax  616-741-9238

Lindsay Sandblaster Parts May 21 2015

P.K. Lindsay Sandblaster parts including a complete line of nozzles, mixing valves & parts, hoses, nozzle holders, shut offs & parts and more.

Go to home page and search under PK Lindsay Style.


Abrasive Metering Valves May 21 2015

Sandblaster metering valves for suction guns and sandblaster pots. We have a big selection for almost any kind of sandblaster.

call with any questions. 616-741-9237

Sandblaster pot abrasive metering valves !

Suction gun metering assemblies # 1

Suction gun metering assemblies # 2

Sandblaster Deadman Valves May 21 2015

We have a very big selection of deadman valves. We have both pneumatic operated ones and electric operated ones. We have the mechanical shut off for the Lindsay sandblaster also. We carry parts and rebuilding kits for occasional repairs.

2 pages of them to look at.

Remote Control Conversion Kits May 21 2015

If you want to covert your old hand valve operated sandblaster to a safer remote control system, we have many conversion  kits for different style machines.  Call me with any questions. 616-741-9237


Check them out !


Sandblaster exhaust & outlet valves May 21 2015

You need a exhaust valve for your portable sandblaster?  We have several styles and sizes. We carry repair kits and also abrasive traps old and new style. Call us with any questions. 616-741-9237

See them all !

Sandblast Hose Safety Cables May 19 2015

Do you have safety cables for your sandblaster air hose and blast hose? You can be safe by using safety cables on your hoses to prevent injury.

See the sizes we have.



Sandblaster Air Valves April 21 2015

We have a complete line of air valves for sandblasters.  Auto air valves, inlet valves, ball valves, gate valves, combination valves, and many more. Call with any questions 616-741-9237

See the variety of different ones we have.