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Soda Blasting Equipment May 27 2015

Soda blasting equipment use the same principle as a sandblaster. A Soda Blasting Machine blast a stream of soda (baking soda) at a product for cleaning purposes. It is very close in design to a sand blaster but has smaller grit valves and has a sharp tapered bottom with a vibrater to keep the soda flowing in a consistant stream. A Soda Blaster is not very abrasive but will clean paint off delicate surfaces. It is used for removing graffiti and also used in swimming pools and boats to remove stains and grime build up. The cleaning industry uses a soda blaster to clean mold and mildew and also for cleaning in buildings after a fire. Soda blasting a old brick building makes it look like new. Many flood damaged homes are cleaned with a soda blasting equipment. The dust can be blown out into the air with no hazardous effects. Grass and schrubs may turn brown because of the salt content but rain or sprinkling will usually take care of this. Soda Blasting Equipment is used by anyone in the renovation of a older house or older industrial building changing old industrial areas into a classy upscale office building or manufacturing facility.

Soda Storm Blasters here can be used as a Sandblaster also. A quick change in the regulator sleeve in the metering valve and it can be used a sandblaster.

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