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Sandblasting Gloves October 05 2016

Sandblasting Gloves, over 35 sizes of different lengths and cuff diameter. Over the past 30 years of sandblasting and manufacturing many custom sandblasting cabinets and automated sandblasting cabinets I am well satisfied that these are the best wear and one of the most comfortable sandblasting gloves you can buy. They are neoprene which stands up to age much better than a natural or latex rubber plus the sleeves are naugahyde which takes a severe beating and ages well. The Gloves are cotton with a neoprene exterior with naugahyde sleeve which both materials can take quite a beating. These gloves are used in cabinets that have a flange inside the cabinet so a worm style hose clamp can hold them on. The clamps are available here also.

We sell just rights or Lefts also in singles or any quantity. Call me with any questions 616-741-9237 or email me at biga@sandblaster-parts.com.

If you have an oval hole measure around it (the circumference) and need to cross it over, check out the Sandblasting Glove Oval Hole Chart.

Sandblasting Glove Sizes with Oval Hole June 05 2015

To size your sandblasting gloves.  Sizes are total length by diameter of glove hole in your cabinet .  Example GP-33-8  is 33 inches long for a 8 inch diameter ( distance across ) hole.If you have a oval size, you can measure the circumference ( distance around the glove hole ) and cross it to the chart below.

             DIAMETER                    CIRCUMFERENCE
             5 inch                      15.708 inches
            5.5 inch                   17.278 inches
            6 inch                      18.849 inches
            6.5 inch                   20.420 inches
            7 inch                      21.991 inches
            7.5 inch                   23.560 inches
            8 inch                      25.132 inches
            8.5 inch                   26.703 inches
            9 inch                      28.274 inches
            9.5 inch                   29.845 inches
            10 inch                    31.415 inches
            10.5 inch                 32.986 inches
            11 inch                    34.55  inches

             11.5 inch                36.128 inches
             12 inch                   37.70  inches
             12.5 inch                39.270 inches
             13 inch                   40.840 inches 
             13.5 inch                 42.412 inches
             14 inch                    43.983 inches
             14.5 inch                 45.553 inches
             15 inch                    47.125 inches

                         Any other sizes call me !

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