Sandblasters June 19 2016

Looking for a Sandblaster?  We have Pirate Brand Sandblasters here.

Sandblasters are machines that uses abrasive materials with air pressure to clean or prepare surfaces for painting or other coatings. We are the Home of Pirate Brand Sandblasters which are also used for shot peening to remove stress from metal products that have been cast or forged or formed and in some cases welded. Abrasive media is put in a tank and air pressure to the same pressure you would be sandblasting. The media is then by gravity dropped into a blast hose line which will push it out of a blast nozzle at what ever the air pressure you are using. Sandblasting machines are used in many industrial areas, construction and even crafts. Glass is frosted with a sandblaster usually for design or art work. Large ships are sand blasted to clean up the rust for repainting. Cement walls are sand blast for appearance and also to clean off graffiti. Sandblasters are used in car restoration and old tractor and trucks to remove old paint and rust. Railroad cars are reconditioned by sandblasting the entire car to repaint. Many industries use sandblasting there process for several purposes. If you are thinking about a sandblaster you should call Big A's Place LLC 616-741-9237. We have the sandblaster that will fit your needs. 

Pirate Brand knows all Sandblasting Equipment and has put their knowledge and experience to work in building the highest quality sandblasting equipment available. All Pirate Brand Sandblasters are built in the USA at the crossroads of America allowing them to provide in-depth quality control and short lead times even for custom builds.     Many different packages available.  Bigger Sandblasting Pot Packages Available.

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