Pirate Brand Sandblasters January 03 2017

Pirate Brand Sandblasters are the highest quality sandblasting equipment available. The faster you can sandblast, the more profitable you can be. The engineered Pirate Brand Sand Blasters are made to run at 150 psi all day long and everyday to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

 Big A's Place Sandblaster Parts handles a complete line of portable sandblasters. We start out at .5 cu. ft. a 50 pound unit and go up to 6.5 cu.ft. 650 pound units. We also carry the big Gun Styles with a much higher performance, but of course takes a much bigger air compressor. Much larger Sandblasters are available in many single and multi user packages. We have several packages to pick from starting with just the sandblast pot to complete set up with sandblasting helmets ready to go. Just load it up with your favorite abrasive and start up the compressor. All supplies such as lenses and hose and nozzles are on the shelf if needed 

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Call for a freight quote. Getting a quote saves a lot of shipping expense.

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