Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet October 09 2019

The Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet is the latest from RPB. The Nova 3 is by far a superior Sandblasting Helmet. The visibility is much greater and is very light and the comfort is improved also. Keeping a helmet on for hours is now possible with the comfort of the Nova 3 from RPB.

A sandblasting helmet is a respiratory set up for a pressure fed clean air supply while sand blasting. The incoming air is filtered and  set up so the helmet has a steady air flow so it keeps from fogging up and keep the dust out also. They come with a cape and an adjustable flow control which is on a belt. The hose that feeds the flow control is made of a odorless material so there is no taste or smell inside the helmet. The helmet has replaceable lenses because they continually get scratched and frosted up by the abrasives the person is blasting with. A cool tube and a hot tube can also be purchase to cool the incoming air or warm the incoming air depending on the need at that specific time. They are also called sandblast helmets, blast helmets, sandblasting hoods sandblast hoods. Most popular ones use compressor air with a special filter to clean the air. Cool Tubes and Hot Tubes  and Climate Controls are also available for those in the hot sun and those in the very cold environment. The cool tube will drop the incoming air temperature up to 30 degrees.  

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