Sandblasting Nozzles May 30 2015

Sandblasting Nozzles can make a big difference in your systems performance. The bore is very important so you have enough CFM to create a pressure that will do your job. The type of nozzle with good air pressure must be selected for getting the job done. On large surfaces you should use a long venturi which will give you a consistant good size pattern increasing  your productivity. Very long venturi nozzles usually called a Bazooka Nozzle are also available for real high pressure and large air and grit output. These are usually prefered in construction such as bridge repainting and so forth.  Medium  and small venturi sandblaster nozzles are usually used on smaller systems doing small parts like preperation for special coatings. Different materials are used for Sandblast nozzles such as aluminum oxcide which is usually called ceramic or tungsten carbide which is a high density metal for heavier abrasion medias. Boron sandblasting nozzles are usually used with very abrasive medias like aluminum oxide or silicon carbide or hardened steel grit.  The only more abrasion resistant material is roctec. These roctec sandblasting nozzles are usually use in the most heavy abrasives and production areas. They wear better than anything else available. They are very expensive and not available in all types of blast nozzles.

Angled sandblast nozzles are getting more popular for cleaning inside of pipe or housings where the straight nozzles can't be productive or even perform the desired coverage. There are many selections available at different angles and even a few with a reverse angle.

 Different thread sizes are available for many different sandblasting machines. The most popular thread is 1-1/4 inch national male pipe threat.  Most of the bigger sandblasting nozzles have this thread. There is also a course 50 MM thread also called the construction thread which is much more course and a little bigger. The smaller thread is 3/4 inch national male pipe treah for the smaller sandblasters. These are used with 1/2 inch I.D. and 5/8 inch I.D. blast hose.  The small hobby style sandblasters usually are non threaded and take a special holder. there are several sizes O.D. and I.D. available. 

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CFM chart below for pressure nozzles.